Edgewood Church is a mission church, started by missionaries and partially supported by a diverse group of Jesus followers. Supporting missionaries is very important because we feel blessed to have been on the receiving end of people sharing God’s love.

To us, missionary doesn’t mean what you might think it means. About Missionaries.

It’s not about making people like us.

God wants us to be light in the world, little pockets where God’s love can enter the world in a big way.

Meet the Missionaries

Nathan & Carrie Dean- Founding pastors of Edgewood Church

In 2021, the Deans moved to Blairsville, GA, following God’s prompting to plant another Edgewood type community in North Georgia. As this new community grows, it will always have a special place in our heart. Blue Mountain Church is our sister church and our partner in sharing God’s love.

Pastors Joy & Marquette Bugg

Edgewood Church’s current pastors began their ministry in Edgewood before they were pastors. They felt called to work in the neighborhood and fundraised outside financial support to do so. They are now fundraised missionary/pastors supported largely by Jesus loving people outside of the Atlanta area. They are, first of all, missionaries to this community and spend much of their time ministering to neighbors who do not attend on Sunday. Pastoring this beautiful church is an amazing gift and a supportive community to aid in shining God’s light in Edgewood.

Rosa Darquea

Rosa is originally from Ecuador but moved and raised her family in the US. Now in her retirement, she returns to Ecuador for large parts of the year. As her first extended trip back to Ecuador approached, she felt moved by the extreme excess many of us enjoy in the US, while a lot of people in Ecuador are barely surviving.

She went to Ecuador with eyes to see where God wanted her to shine God’s light.

Now she organizes a group of nuns in the capital city of Quito to love their neighbors. Together, with the support of Edgewood Church and others, Rosa and her team of nuns, provide staple food items to elderly, disabled or temporarily unemployed families. She is amazingly able to provide a month of staple food items to ~ 100 people for 24 cents a day!