Food Insecurity

IMPORTANT NOTE: Edgewood Church can not accommodate unsolicited donations. Please do not leave food on the porch. If you wish to make a donation, contact a pastor to make arrangements.

Also, there is no fresh food storage on our property (contact FoodCommune with your fresh donations).

Edgewood Church Food Pantry

Accessible Sunday after 10am church service or by appointment

Canned goods & dry pantry items

Unearthing Farm & Market

Edgewood Church partners with our neighbor to provide low cost/ free produce to our community.

There is a fridge of farm fresh produce in shed directly in front of the church front doors, available during daylight hours.

Check out more information about the opportunities provided by Unearthing Farm & Market by following them on social media: Facebook or Instagram

Food Commune

It’s a co-op! 

Plan your visit, learn more here.

Pam Noud dedicates her life to reducing food waste. She spends nearly 100% of her time rescuing food waste before it ends up in the landfill and connecting that food to households that need affordable groceries.

Saturdays from noon to 4pm, Pam and her army of volunteers fill Edgewood Church with amazing food for redistributing to our neighbors.

Attendees are asked to all contribute to the operating cost in some way, either by volunteering or donating finacially. There are tiers of donating to fit your budget.

If the price is prohibitive, Edgewood Church can “sponsor” you to participate free of charge. Please contact us, if you or someone you know could benefit from an abundance of free groceries.

Contact Pam at