Community Service

Ways to Serve

Sunday Morning

Every one helps on Sunday morning, but here are some concrete ways to serve on Sunday Morning.

Commit to the hospitality team. Arrive an hour early, 9 AM, and help prepare the space for church. This includes brewing coffee, setting up breakfast, tidying bathrooms, lighting candles, and importantly, being a friendly face to greet people as they arrive.

Volunteer to be the scripture reader or be the prayer person. Different Edgewood Church people read and pray every Sunday.

Become a Children’s ministry volunteer. Miss Andrea prepares the lessons but needs help for time to time. *All children’s volunteers must have attended for more than 6 months, must agree to a background check, review of references and an interview. Also, there is a two adult rule and no one adult is ever left in charge of children.

Stay after church for 20 minutes to help clean up and reset for the weekday groups Edgewood Church hosts.

NEW Help Edgewood Go Green! Sorting trash, recycling, and compost is difficult for many of us. Edgewood Church need a few volunteers to help people know where to put what items. After church, help clean up and take compost to the farm! There are also reusable coffee mugs and real towels (instead of paper) that need to be washed. If you want to help, contact a pastor.

Community Space Support

Are you available during the week to help make Edgewood Church hospitable for community use?

There are always improvement projects and regular tidying that needs to happen because of how often this space is used. This also includes things like mulching the playground and organizing the food pantry.

Volunteer one day a month or an hour a week to create a welcoming space! 

Community Outreach / Events

You’ll notice, Edgewood Church has a lot of parties. It is great way to build community and enrich our neighborhood. The goal is to connect disconnected people to a community that cares about them. These big events take a lot of volunteers!

If you aren’t available to help weekly, consider marking your calendar for Edgewood’s big events, so you can be available to help.

Event Canvasing  – The week before a big event, yard signs and flyers are distributed around the neighborhood to invite people to attend.

Neighbor Days & Cookie Caroling –  Edgewood people deliver kind notes, cookies or flowers to our neighbors to tell them they are important and God loves them.

Christian leadership

Christian leadership? How is that community service?

Showing up on Sunday and being you, is important. You are the loving Christian community that people need to experience.

Edgewood Church is attracts lots of people who love this community, but don’t know much about being a Jesus follower or what it means to be a part of a church.

If you love Jesus, you can serve your church and community by showing up and being the physical representation of God’s love. Demonstrate to visitors and new neighbors how you can love them, because God loves you. Build real relationships that allow you to display the fruits of the spirit in your life.

Ambassador for Partners

Edgewood Church partners with many community groups.

A great way to plug into this community is to get involved with these groups.

They are not church ministries, but it is a ministry of Edgewood Church to love and connect with these groups and the people they serve. You can be an ambassador God’s love to these groups by supporting and tending to their needs.

What is God prompting you to do?

How can Edgewood Church support you in loving your neighbor?