Who Are We?

Our Mission

We are a group of broken people who are learning to follow the Way of Jesus with our lives. u00a0We believe God is on a mission to heal broken people living in a broken world u2013 we want to be a part of this and we want to invite others to find their place in Godu2019s Great Story. u00a0Our hope is that because of us (and in spite of us) people will begin to see and know the God who loves them.

Our Start

Edgewood Church held its first worship service in the fall of 2010 – after its pastors had spent two years serving in the community. u00a0Edgewood Church was brought into existence through a beautifully collaborative effort by Christians from a number of different denominational, theological, and racial backgrounds to create a racially, economically, and theologically diverse community of Jesus Followers. u00a0From the start, Edgewood Church has been geographically centered on loving and serving the people of Edgewood and its surrounding neighborhoods.