Joining God in pursuing God's Dream for individuals, our community & the world.

We are a group of broken people who are learning to follow the Way of Jesus with our lives. We believe God's dream is to heal individual people in order to heal the world. We want to be a part of this and we want to invite others to find their place in God's Great Story. Our hope is that because of us (and in spite of us) people will begin to see and know the God who loves them.


Jesus teaches each of us to examine our own hearts and lives. On Sunday morning (and beyond) each of us begin to see the broken parts of us and let God’s love and compassion heal us. Healthy community starts with me. Come for church on Sunday!


God is at work in our neighborhood. We look for where God is working and join in that work! We partner with many local organizations to help meets the needs and strengthen the bonds of community in our neighborhood.

Secondly, we don’t all look alike, act alike or think alike but we love each other. This community is only possible by allowing God to heal us as individuals and approaching each other with humility. Read more about Belonging.


As we go, God’s love go with us. Whenever we step outside our neighborhood it is a chance to carry the healing love of Jesus. Some people find this is their calling. Whether that be Tucker, Blairsville, Alabama, Oklahoma or Ecuador…we love God’s church and want to support the spread God’s love wherever we have the opportunity.

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Edgewood Church History

Edgewood Church held its first worship service in the fall of 2010 – after its original pastors, Carrie & Nathan Dean had spent two years serving in the community. It began setting up and tearing down every Sunday in the elementary school. Until one day, God made available this old abandoned church/ farm house on memorial drive.

Edgewood Church was brought into existence through a beautifully collaborative effort by Christians from a number of different denominational, theological, and racial backgrounds to create a racially, economically, and theologically diverse community of Jesus Followers.

In 2020, this same collaborative effort of Christians, gifted Edgewood Church a ministry house so that it’s pastors could always afford to live in the neighborhood and continue to serve the their neighbors in needs.

In December 2021, founding pastors Carrie & Nathan Dean moved to Blairsville, GA with the goal of beginning a new church in the mountains among the misfits and disenfranchised. Learn more Here

In 2021, current pastors Joy & Marquette Bugg stepped in as interim and then as full-time pastors at the request of Edgewood’s board in December of that year. Previously, the Buggs served the Edgewood Church and surrounding community as fundraised community missionaries.

From the start, Edgewood Church has been geographically centered on loving and serving the people of Edgewood and its surrounding neighborhoods. We take seriously the command to love our neighbor, and we first want to succeed at loving the person just next door.