Edgewood Church is both radically inclusive and radically focused on following the way of Jesus.

At Edgewood Church there is no published or hidden criteria for belonging.

No matter who you are, what your beliefs are, what you’ve done or haven’t done we want you here with us!

Most groups, clubs, and organizations have a written or unwritten standard for belonging – but if you pay attention to Jesus you’ll notice that he didn’t.  Jesus’ only criteria for being in his group was a desire to be in his group – a willingness to follow him.

This meant that Jesus’ group was full of all kinds of people: rich and poor, people from the far political right and the far political left, people who had committed every kind of sin, people who had wrong ideas about God, Jesus and the Dream of God, and people from a variety of ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds.  Jesus’ way of forming a group of followers made a lot of people uncomfortable (and still does), but it is how we strive to live out the Dream of God.

There is no standard for belonging at Edgewood Church.

The only criteria for belonging is a desire to be a part of Edgewood Church – a group of people who are committed to following Jesus, our center, together.

There are no members at Edgewood Church. If you want to be a part of it, just keep showing up!

So come join us. We’ve been praying for you and saving a spot for you because we believe our life together will be better with you in it!