At Edgewood, everyone is part of the team.

It is a community of service. Because of our small size and our big dreams, we often call for “all hands on deck”.

Each individual contributes according to their ability of their time, resources, gifts and talents to the thriving of this community.

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Pastoral Leadership

Pastor Marquette Bugg

Rev. Marquette Bugg has pastored alongside her wife at Edgewood Church since November of 2021. Before pastoring Edgewood Church, Marquette was a community minister in the Edgewood/ Kirkwood neighborhood since 2018. Prior to moving to Atlanta in 2017, Marquette worked for five years at University Heights Baptist Church in Stillwater, Oklahoma where dad is pastor and her parents still live.

Marquette received her theological education from Baylor University’s George W. Truett Theological Seminary. Marquette also received a Bachelors in Biblical Studies, and a minor in Church Recreation (of which she is most proud) from Oklahoma Baptist University. While in Waco, Marquette worked as a Resident Chaplain and spent summers working as a camp pastor/ speaker in Durango, CO. Before moving to Oklahoma but after her graduation from seminary, Marquette spent 8 months in Ghana, West Africa. With her friend Vincent Asamoa, Marquette developed a youth basketball program that is still thriving today.

As a pastor, Marquette delights in seeing people embrace the person God made them to be—to feel secure in the love God has for them. She cherishes the privilege to tend to people in the midst of their actual lives—their celebration and their grief; their certainties and their questions. Marquette’s favorite practices are walking a prayer labyrinth or going on a hike.

Marquette loves a DYI project and is up for a challenge, especially if it can be a group project! In her down time she enjoys a mystery podcast, reading old fiction, and making a new friend out of anyone she meets.

Pastor Joy Bugg

Rev. Joy Bugg has served alongside her wife as Pastor of Edgewood Church since November of 2021. Before leading Edgewood Church, she worked as a community minister in the Edgewood/ Kirkwood neighborhood since 2018, while completing her seminary education at Mercer University’s McAfee School of Theology. Before moving to Atlanta in 2017, Joy spent her earlier life in Oklahoma, where she grew up as the third of four girls in a Christian home.

Joy received a Bachelors of Business & Nonprofit Management from Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, OK. Stillwater is where Joy met Marquette and where they were married in 2016. Stillwater is a special place and they return at least every October to celebrate a good ol’ Cowboy Homecoming.

In May 2021, Joy & Marquette also became parents to their baby daughter. Who can be seen in the afternoons, waving to the pigs (which she calls dogs) at the farm next door.

As a pastor, Joy loves to dig into the richness of the Christian tradition to uncover gifts we forgot we possessed. Some of her favorite times as a pastor are preparing a meal with a new person in the Edgewood community and hearing their story for the first time. When it’s time to get down to business, most emails and admin responsibilities are handled by Joy and an organized spread sheet makes her day.

Her favorite books include An Altar in the World by Barbra Brown Taylor, For the Life of the World by Miroslav Volf and random non-fiction books on interesting topics.  In her down time, Joy enjoys audiobooks or multi-part documentaries, finding new recipes, hot tea and a short-lived craft project.

Ministry Support

Heather Fosburgh

Financial Administrator

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Andrea Martinez

Minister to Children & Director of Canopy Preschool

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Community Board Members

Why does Edgewood Church have a board?

The Edgewood and surrounding neighborhoods have experienced extraordinary change since our start in 2008. Through it all, Edgewood Church continues to thrive as a stable positive presence in this community. Small organizations in changing environments are susceptible to “mission creep“. A board, of individuals who have demonstrated commitment to Edgewood Church’s mission creates a stable foundation on which to build this community.

A board member serves a three year term. New board members are selected based on their excellence in three areas:

  1. Longevity of their participation in the Edgewood Church community.
  2. Demonstration of personal spiritual growth.
  3. A life that reflects positive character qualities such as: responsibility, self- control, generosity, integrity, and humility.

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