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Nathan Dean

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So who’s Nathan Dean?IMG_0349


I’m glad you asked (you did by the way when you clicked on this page)!


Like most people, I am is a bit of a moving target, but there are some important consistencies.


I am someone whose life continues to be shaped, empowered, healed, and guided by the Higher Power I believe is best expressed and revealed through the person of Jesus.


I’m navigating life with the coolest wife and adventure partner anyone could hope for. We met on an adventure, drove each other crazy, found out we needed each other and we liked the crazy and we never left the adventure – we just change chapters every now and then.


I also get to be the dad to three of the most beautiful souls in the world – Oliver Finn, Lyra Grace, and Harvey Samuel. Together we are helping each other learn what it IMG_3909means to love and live well.


I also get to co-pastor with my wife one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever known. I don’t say that because we started the church. If everything had gone the way I wanted and planned, it would have been a big ugly mess and might have cost me my soul. I didn’t get the church I wanted, I got the church my heart dreamed was possible. It is a little church that is bursting at the seams with love and brokenness, faith and doubt, confounding diversity and surprising kindness. It is a place that is held mysteriously together every week by God’s providence and the common love of those whose lives are being shaped by God.


I am also human. I am a survivor of multiple types of trauma. I am familiar with wild depression, anxiety attacks, nightmares that don’t stop coming in the daylight, and wrestling both the demons who come as persistent whispers and the ones that rush in like a crushing tsunami – the ones that still don’t have adequate labels but that are almost universally known by survivors.


I can be a workaholic, partly because I love my work, partly because my demanding work demands it, and partly because I’m still learning to let go and to trust in God’s invisible hands instead of the insatiable gods of accomplishment, achievement, and production.



I love the outdoors. I love storms coming up over the ocean. I love the wind in my face. I love my wife’s smile and my children’s laughter. More than anything I love those unpredictable experiences of God’s presence and the gift of getting to see God effecting someone else’s life the way God has effected mine.


I am Nathan Dean


Some of the hoops I've jumped through

  • Born in West Texas (From What I'm Told...)
  • Graduated from highschool in Cobb County (northwest Atlanta)
  • Graduated with a 4-year degree in Business Administration from North Georgia University in only 4.5 years
  • Graduated from McAfee School of Theology with a Master of Divinity Degree
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