Dream of God

Our Vision

Our Vision: To join God in pursuing Godu2019s Dream for Individuals, Our Community, and the World.

The Dream of God

The Dream of God is Godu2019s mission to heal the world of all the things that cause Godu2019s heart grief, to restore life to all that God created it to be. It is a bottom-up, grass roots movement. God came as a Palestinian peasant named Jesus because God knows the way to change the world is from the inside out u2013 one person, one heart at a time.

The Dream of God is a new value systemu00a0and a new perspective where people love their enemies, where wealth isnu2019t measured by how much you have but by how much you give, where greatness is achieved through service to others, where individuals place the same priority on the needs and wants of others as they do on their own; where love, hope, and forgiveness arenu2019t just words, but things that can be touched, seen, and felt.

This Dream of God was the driving force in Jesusu2019 life. The stories Jesus told, the people he healed, and the things he did were all about the Dream of God. In the Bible, the Dream of God was called the Kingdom of Heaven or the Kingdom of God.u00a0 Jesus shows us that God cares deeply about the pains and struggles of this world and that the least of us is greatly loved and valued by God.u00a0 God wants to heal our hurts and anxieties, our selfishness and our greed so that we can be free to be who we were meant to be, joining God in healing the world around us. This is what the Kingdom of God is all about.

This movement of God changes hearts, that change lives, that change our world, bringing the Dream of God closer. It changes the apathetic into activists, murderers into missionaries, the cowardly into heroes, slave traders into abolitionists, and the hurt into healers. Hospitals have been founded, prisons reformed, orphanages started, and countless charities have been formed because God is changing lives that change the world.