Edgewood Kids!

Come join the fun!




Edgewood Kids is a special hands-on class for children 4 years of age to 5th grade.  We cultivate an interactive, age-appropriate environment that will help children develop a foundational sense of meaning, purpose, and connectedness to God and others.  Children learn about the Way of Jesus through lessons that cover topics like: prayer, service, gratitude, forgiveness, compassion, generosity and loving God, ourselves, and other people.


At Edgewood Kids your child will learn something new and valuable every week and go home with something for you to talk about.  Come by for a visit and feel free to sit in on a class with them!


Classes are taught by our Kids Volunteer Team (made up mostly of parents).  On a typical Sunday, children will gather in a circle to pray and listen to the day’s story.  Afterwards, children will be engaged in a number of different activities that may include: singing songs, making a craft or participating in an activity or game that illustrates the lesson of the day.  After the morning’s activities, children usually play on the playground until parents are ready to go.




*We have a special room behind the sanctuary for infants and toddlers under 4.  Peek in anytime to see your little ones listening to stories or music, playing with toys or coloring at a table just their size!  For our older children, we have a team of mentors who befriend and guide them as they begin to participate in worship with adults.

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