Mission House Fundraiser

We’re Rebuilding a House.  For People. For the Future.


There is ONE. SINGLE. THING. that would allow Edgewood Church to befriend more homeless people, mentor more falling-through-the-cracks teenagers, invite more people into the Kingdom life who have never heard about it before, love more people, teach the Bible more often to more people, and secure the long-term future for the ministry and witness of Edgewood Church.  That one thing is a house – a wonderful house, owned by the church, in Edgewood.

Thankfully God has given us one.  It’s an old farmhouse at the back of the church property, but it’s a complete teardown.  For it to be of any Kingdom use it will need to be torn down to the foundation and rebuilt.  We only need the funds to make it happen.




  1. It gives God’s Church a strategic resource in a critical mission environment. Edgewood Church is located in the fastest growing mission field in the world – urban America.  Every year more and more people are moving to our cities – Atlanta in particular – and every year more and more churches disappear from our urban landscape.  For decades churches have steadily disappeared from the landscape.  The Church, Christianity, is losing its voice and witness in the communities that people, particularly young people, are moving to.  These people are precious and they need to know how much God loves them and that it is God that their soul really longs for.  This house means that Edgewood Church will be able to offer the time, presence, and witness of more gifted and called ministers to the people of Edgewood and its surrounding neighborhoods – people with names, faces, and stories who matter so much to God.
  2. This house will offer more lifelines to people struggling with poverty, homelessness, and hardship.  Every day we are confronted with more needs and opportunities to help people struggling at the bottom of society than we have the time and resources to meet.  The Serenity Prayer has become an important part of our life and has helped us to better accept our limitations, but having more people – more ministers – to help engage these difficult situations would truly be an answer to prayer for us and so many others.
  3. Edgewood Church doesn’t have a future without this house. For Edgewood Church to continue being what it is, it needs a pastor or pastors to lead it in following and growing in The Way of Jesus.  Carrie and Nathan won’t be at Edgewood Church forever.  That is how life works.  God may call us elsewhere someday, a family illness may require us to move, or at some point we may even die.  They tell us that last one is guaranteed.  When that day comes – whatever the cause – Edgewood Church will need to have a pastor.  With housing prices being what they are now, and especially what they are likely to be in the future, Edgewood Church could not afford a pastor.  This precious Jesus community would either have to alter its mission and values and begin targeting and prioritizing people who could help “pay the bills” or it would try to stay true to who they are and slowly dwindle away – almost certainly the latter.  BUT, with a paid-for house in our ministry area, Edgewood Church could afford a pastor and the mission, ministry, and Jesus-centered community God has been building all these years would continue to thrive.  A beautiful light would continue to shine in this place.


What if we Don’t?

Sometimes things become clearer when they are stated in the negative.  So what if we didn’t build this house?  Fewer people would hear about and experience the goodness of God, fewer people who are struggling, hurting, and hopeless will find the lifeline they need, and Edgewood Church won’t have a future.

Why Now?

We have been working toward this goal for years, but the time is now to “bring it home.”  The longer we wait, the more expensive things will become.  Already, to buy a similar sized house in Edgewood would cost around $630,000. Additionally, by rebuilding the house on church property, we avoid the city of Atlanta’s exorbitant (and rising) real estate taxes.

Building costs are going up exponentially every year with no indication in sight that the cost of labor and materials will flatten or decline.  In fact, since we got our initial estimates from builders a year and a half ago, the cost to build has already gone up $50,000!

Therefore, our goal is to have all the gifts in and pledges made by the end of January of 2020.  We believe this is the right time and that God is pulling things together to make things happen.


The Cost?

  1. Budget Total: $594,771
  2. Funds Raised & Pledged To-Date: $484,838
  3. Funds Needed To-Date: $595,691 – $484,838 = $110,853

What does this include?

  1. Structural Engineer, Survey, Permitting, Architectural Drawings and Demolition
  2. Building Materials and Labor, Driveway and Grounds, Furnishings and Appliances, and One Year of Utilities.
  3. Fundraising Costs and an Additional Emergency Fund for unforeseen expenses.

Good to know:

We want this house to be an asset to the ministries of Edgewood Church and what God is doing in Atlanta one hundred years from now. Our building plan gives special attention and priority to energy efficiency and long-term durability.  This means that we have a chance to be a part of something that is going to make an ongoing, year after year impact in people’s lives for decades and even generations to come!  Your gift now will make a lasting difference far into the future.


Ways to Give:

There are five ways you can make a Tax-Deductible gift to this important work:

  1. You can mail a check to “Edgewood Church” at 1560 Memorial Drive SE, Atlanta, GA 30317.
  2. Make either a one-time or a reoccurring donation with a credit card or debit card through the form below.  As you fill out the form, you’ll also have an option to give through bank transfer.  This will save us money in processing fees.
  3. Make a pledge and mail in THIS PLEDGE FORM to Edgewood Church to communicate your commitment.
  4. You could make a tax-free stock or retirement account transfer to Edgewood Church.  Ask Nathan@EdgewoodChurchAtlanta.org about this.
  5. Maybe God has put you in a special place where you have access to the type of skills or materials needed to build a house – lumber, electricians, roofing materials, carpenters, etc.  If you are in a place where you or your company could donate construction materials or professional services, please let us know.

Please contact Pastor Nathan Dean with any questions related to this project – 770.377.5455, Nathan@EdgewoodChurchAtlanta.org